Interview Preparation Books

For all the graduates and 12th pass candidates as it has the maximum recruitment across the country and maximum number of students appear in exam. Some students can crack written exam but can’t crack interview, here you can find best books for interview preparation, and these books are really helpful for cracking interview.

Generally the interview is conducted by a board consisting of one or several members including the board chairperson. These members are from same or different fields. All of them are highly experienced and ask searching questions to the candidate. The questions can be on any topic like your birthplace, name, job, optional, family background, hobby, sports, education etc. So cover each and every topic in minute detail.

Most important thing is your getup for interview. Most of girls wear Saree or Salwar and boys wear shirt with tie or suit. Just ensure the colors of your clothes. Important thing is you need to feel comfortable and confidant. You should avoid fancy clothes because such clothes tend to distract attention of the board members from you to your clothes, which is not desirable.

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